52 weeks

This is a story of two climbers, five phases and fifty-two weeks.  Follow former climbing partners, Karissa Dunbar and Michael Lary, as they try to return to their glory days of climbing. Karissa and Michael started climbing together in 2002 when they both were hired at the same climbing gym.  A friendship based on competition arose. Who would be the first to climb 12a? (Michael) The first to climb 13a? (Karissa)  Who is the best climbing instructor?  (Depends who you ask) 

After taking a break from climbing to pursue separate marriages, careers and families. Can Karissa and Michael return to what is really important? Climbing. Will they challenge each other enough to break back into the 5.13 grade? Each week they will discuss their triumphs and trials, provide links to their training materials, and share stories of their lessons learned. As you listen, you can even join in on the journey to keep climbing stronger, smarter and longer.