rules for all climbers

All Climbers Must

  • Pass the Source Climbing Center "belay check" before belaying and must be wearing their belay cards visibly while top rope belaying. Climbers are not allowed to instruct another guest on belay techniques regardless of their ability. 
  • Complete an “New Participant Orientation” with a Source Climbing Center staff member before using any auto-belay systems and must be wearing a Source Climbing Center belay card at all times when using an auto-belay system. 
  • Have a UIAA approved harness, belay device and locking carabiner  
  • Stand within 12 feet of the wall and be attentive at all times while “on belay”. No sitting or lying down while belaying. 
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol, or any recreational or prescription drugs that could impair alertness or coordination. 
  • Always keep fall zone clear when bouldering. Spotters are recommended only to protect climbers from people, objects or obstacles in their fall zone. 
  • Never boulder with any part of your body above a height of 14 feet.  
  • Report any unsafe condition or damage to equipment or the climbing walls, including loose holds. 
  • Report any accident or injury immediately to gym staff. 
  • Allow right of way to other climbers who were first on route on any given section of wall (this includes bouldering). 
  • Always stand clear of climbers' fall and swing zones. 
  • Keep the walkways and exits clear of traffic and place all belongings in lockers or proper storage cubicles. 
  • Stay clear of all climbing areas when not climbing, belaying or spotting - as other climbers may fall unexpectedly from above. 


All youth under 14 must…

• be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Drop-offs are permitted only for parties and supervised activities

• not run on the stairs or roam the facility unsupervised.

• not walk or stand under other climbers on the mezzanine walls. Youth should stand behind the designated line on mezzanine when not climbing on the wall.

• use an “indoor” voice to allow belayers to hear their climbers.

• not swing from or pull on ropes.

Youth under 12....

• are not allowed in the Lead and Bouldering areas on the main level. Exceptions may be made for Source Team members and during supervised youth programs and camps.

• must be under direct, one-on-one supervision when using any auto-belay system. ‘Direct’ means the adult is not belaying another climber.

• are not permitted to belay another climber unless under the supervision of a Source staff member during approved Source programs.

Youth 8 & under…

• are restricted to the mezzanine area unless under direct adult supervision. ‘Direct’ means either within arm’s length or on belay.

• are NOT permitted to belay another climber at any time, under any circumstances.

Youth 2 & under.

• We do not recommend bringing children under 3 years of age.

Fitness level rules

  • Active users only, spectators are not allowed on fitness level.
  • Children under 14 years of age are not allowed on the Fitness level unless under supervision during Source classes or programs
  • Climbers must limit time on treadwall to 20 minutes or less.  
  • Please return all equipment to designated areas after use
  • As a courtesy to climbers on main level, please do not bang, slam, throw or drop weights on the floor
  • No food, cups, glass, gum allowed. Drinks must be in a spill-proof container. 
  • Keep personal items clear of workout area and stored in cubbie or locker. 
  • Only authorized Source staff are allowed to conduct personal training in this facility. 
  • Report equipment irregularities or malfunctions to Source staff immediately. 
  • Smart and appropriate use of equipment is required at all times. 
  • Source staff reserve the right to enforce other rules as necessary to ensure the safety of our guests. 


Lead Climbers (and Belayers)

  • Must pass the Source Climbing Center "lead test" and must be wearing their belay cards visibly while lead belaying or climbing.
  • Must know how to recognize “back clipping” and “Z-clips”, and realize that they are dangerous and must be reversed before climbing on.
  • Must not take intentional lead falls and may not hang their own quickdraws.  
  • Must be spotted by their belayer until they have clipped the first anchor.
  • Must stay within arms reach of the wall for the duration of the first four clips, and within eight feet of the first clip thereafter when belaying a lead climbers.
  • Clip all draws before the entire body passes them, and in the order that they appear on that climb. Also, the final anchor should be clipped before lowering.
  • Limit attempts to ONE per climb during busy times. “Working” a route will not be permitted when there are climbers waiting to use that rope or particular section of wall.
  • Check for conflicting or intersecting routes before climbing. The second party to leave the ground must yield at a safe distance that won't endanger either party in the event of a fall.
  • Lead climbers are not to climb on anchors directly next to other lead climbers or top rope climbers. 
  • Must keep a minimum of the top four draws clipped when setting a line for top rope.