Technique classes focus on a set of drills that climbers can use to understand, visualize and practice more effective movement on the wall.


Cost: $33* (20% discount for members!)

Day&Time: 7-8pm, every Monday

Prerequisites: Ages 12 and older, no experience necessary

  • TECH 101

    footwork, movement & position

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  • TECH 201

    backstep, drop-knee & flag

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  • TECH 301

    advanced & dynamic movement

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private lessons

Our most qualified instructors are available for individual instruction. We teach from experience and knowledge gained climbing both indoors and outdoors, so we can tailor a climbing program to meet the needs of any individual or small groups.

Call us at 360-694-9096 to schedule. 

We will help you choose the best instructor and package for your needs. More advanced instruction may require more than a single hour of instruction.


Individual Cost: $54*/hour

Additional Participants (up to 5): $27* total for each person after the first.

Duration: Hourly, Call 360-694-9096 or check in at front desk for schedule availability.


More personal attention to your specific skills

Curriculum designed for your specific goals

Looking for beginning instruction?

We recommend starting with the Climb201 or TECH101 classes.