Youth Clubs

We believe that the best climbers in the world are those having the most fun, so our after-school clubs are designed to provide a goal driven, yet non-competitive environment. Participants can enjoy individual success with the support of new friends. Clubs meet the same day and time each week. Enrollment includes membership, so club members can also climb during all other regular hours with appropriate supervision. Free rentals are provided during club times. 

To Enroll:  Call 360-694-9096 or check-in at the front desk. Prepaid enrollment available over phone with a credit card. EFT enrollment only available at the front desk.

Duration: After school clubs are offered Sept 7th - June 6th. 

Payment Options: 

  • $72 for Prepaid Month, simply pay for a single month, automatically expires
  • $64 per month with EFT enrollment, requires a credit card or voided check for ACH. 

First come/first served policy: Prepaid enrollment expires one month from sign up, and the space becomes immediately available to other climbers. To guarantee your place, you must renew your enrollment before the expiration date. 

Choose from the clubs and schedules below.

  • Wizards Club

    Open to climbers born 2010-2012

    Meet and climb with friends your age. We explore the basics of climbing and bouldering through climbing related games and rope challenges. Participants learn smart climbing practices, knots and better techniques. Your club meets the same day and time each week. Choose from the following schedule:

    • Tuesday 4:15-5:30      Instructor: Meghan & Amelia
    • Wednesday 4:15-5:30    Instructor: Bryan & Spencer
    • Thursday 4:15-5:30     Instructor: Hannah & Amelia
    • Friday 4:15-5:30    Instructor: Bryan & Amelia
  • HomE School Club

    Open to climbers born 2005-2009

    For home school families, rock climbing is a great opportunity to stay fit while also challenging the mind! We begin with general movement exercises and stretching followed by instruction on climbing specific skills. Each day also includes time exploring the walls, climbing to develop better movement and problem solving skills. Choose your day of the week:

    • Monday 2:00-3:30      Instructor: Jessica*SESSION CANCELLED
    • Tuesday 2:00-3:30      Instructor: Bryan & Brigg
    • Wednesday 2:00-3:30      Instructor: Jessica
    • Thursday 2:00-3:30      Instructor: Meghan

    Group A: Open to climbers born 2005-2007

    Group B: Open to climbers born 2008-2009

    Sourcerers climb together once a week to improve technique, learn equipment use and smart climbing practices. Learn how to belay during supervised club times. Your club meets the same day and time each week. Both groups choose from the following day & time options:

    • Monday 4:30-6:00pm     Lead Instructors: Meghan & Colten
    • Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm     Lead Instructor: Meghan & Joe
    • Friday 4:30-6:00pm      Lead Instructor: Hannah & Colten

    Open to climbers born 2000-2004

    Our Teen Club teaches how to climb responsibly at the Source Climbing Center without direct supervision. Teens will learn how to belay in their first two sessions, and then enjoy all the benefits of a regular membership with scheduled club times to meet and climb with new partners.  Choose one of the following days & times:

    • Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm      Instructor: Brigg
    • Friday 4:00-6:00pm      Instructor: Brigg