• guruhans "hanz" kroesen

    Co-Owner & Head Route Setter

    Hanz began climbing on natural rock with his father in 1984 even before the first climbing gyms were opened. He later began working at the Portland Rock Gym during the mid-90's, and helped transition the PRG into its current location acting as chief route setter and instructor. His routes and boulder problems are highly regarded in the Portland/Vancouver area for their quality and creativity. This reputation has even taken Hanz internationally on two occasions: to Israel setting for a national competition and to Pakistan organizing a women's climbing comp as part of a goodwill tour. Also a talented sculptor, you can see Hanz's metal-work throughout the new Source building. Hanz now brings his decades of experience to designing and building to Vancouver's own indoor climbing to Vancouver. Check out this video featuring Hanz.

  • Michael Lary


    Michael Lary left small-town, Iowa and began climbing in 1996. A passion for climbing outdoors led Michael to Colorado and then to Portland in 2001 where he became the Operations Manager and lead climbing instructor for the Portland Rock Gym. After helping the PRG transition into a larger facility, Michael left for a 6-month tour climbing across the US, Canada, and even Bermuda. Michael then climbed and skied for 2 years in Salt Lake while working for Black Diamond Equipment, but soon returned to Portland to continue working in the climbing gym industry. Excited to be a part of the SW Washington community, Michael is now bringing his climbing expertise and enthusiasm to downtown Vancouver.

  • Jessica Pickens

    The OG - Team member since 2011

    Jessica was part of the original Source crew (reppin' that 11/11/11 start date yo!), but she left us high and dry in 2014 to finish her undergrad in Kinesiology at Washington State University in Pullman. She's back now and ready to shake things up. What you should know is that Jess is an AVID exerciser (of all sorts) and enjoys talking fitness, so don't hesitate to come to her to discuss your fitness goals or join her in a workout. You are guaranteed a great burn.

  • bryan caldwell

    Climbing Instructor and USA Climbing Coach - Team member since 2011

    Bryan first discovered rock climbing in September of 1997 on a trip to NW Arkansas. It was love at first rock. After graduating college he moved to Colorado and could be found hanging around Lumpy Ridge, Eldo Canyon, Indian Creek or just about anywhere you could find rock. After spending a summer in 2005 climbing all along the West Coast, Bryan got a call that would take him to the island of Bermuda to work at a climbing gym. Trips to the Dolomites, Elporterro and Kalymnos highlights his stretch "on de rock," and after 4 years in Bermuda, he returned to the States, eventually taking up residency on Michael Lary's couch in Vancouver. Bryan loves rock climbing, hiking paired with climbing, swimming (as long as deep water soloing is involved, talking (about climbing) and reading (do guidebooks count?). Bryan has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things climbing and is eager to share it with anyone who will lend an ear. 

  • joe adams

    Head Route Setter - Team member since 2013

    Joe is a Vancouver native that began climbing around 2000. As he describes it "my buddy and I bought a rope and went in did some scary things... even climbing at Rock Butte" Since then he has spent more time climbing in the high Sierras, and Yosemite is now his favorite destination. Joe's handiwork is all around the Source, as he is a craftsman with both wood and resin. Not only does he set great routes and boulder problems, Joe also helped with construction of the mezzanine climbing walls and built the storage cubbies at the Source. So whether you need some beta on the new boulder problems... or if you need any furniture built, Joe is your man. 

  • taylor andersOn

    Assistant Team Coach & Instructor - Team member since 2013

    Taylor is a former gymnast that began bouldering with a climbing team in 2006. Competitive climbing is now her passion as she continues to place well regionally, including a first place finish in the 2014 and 2015 Portland Boulder Rally (Advanced Women's Division), the largest single-day bouldering competition in the nation. Taylor aspires to become a top level competitor while also leading the next generation of climbers as assistant coach of The Source's competitive climbing team. She loves helping all climbers reach their goals through inspiration, technique classes and private lessons. Check out this video featuring Taylor: clarkcofaces.columbian.com/taylor/

  • meghan connolly

    Program Supervisor & Instructor - Team member since 2014

    Meghan was first introduced to climbing in 2009. It wasn't till January of 2014 that climbing became a part of her lifestyle. A Pacific Northwest Native, Meghan spends her time (when weather permits) hiking, kayaking, climbing, doing yoga and spinning fire poi. She loves introducing people to the sport of climbing and is our program supervisor at The Source. If you have a group you'd like to bring in to get a taste of rock climbing, she is your go-to!

  • brigg wolgamott

    Teen Coach / 301 Instructor - Team member since 2015

    Brigg was introduced to climbing along the Gallatin River just outside of Bozeman, MT, and he became hooked on the sport after viewing Reel Rock 7. While much of his experience is on sport routes in WA & OR, Brigg is now seeking out more traditional lines and pushing his climbing further in the search for quality stone. If you are interested in being in the Teen Club or pushing your climbing to the Indoor Lead level he is always available for inquiries.

  • Amelia Madarang

    Youth Club Belayer - Team member since 2016

    Amelia started climbing at the age of 11 here at the Source Climbing Center. She then moved up the ranks of the youth climbing team until finally she has joined the employee team. She is the youngest member of our crew, yet here are some of the (still to be verified) highlights and references from her resume:

    "One hell of a climber" - New york times

    "You be crazy not to workout with this one" - The world's best climber

    "Very polite" - bus driver

    "Outstanding Belay" - Washington Post

    "I strive to be like her" Michael Lary

    "My hero" - Batman

    "She's my phone background" - Mom

    At museums she can touch the art. Mosquitoes don't bite her out of respect. The sun doesn't burn her. The rain doesn't phase her. She doesn't have bad hair days. She can make minute rice in 45 seconds. Working at the Source is just the latest confirmed rumor about Amelia Madarang. Legend says she climbed out of her crib as a child and didn't stop till she was climbing walls. 

  • coava bean

    Contact Strength Trainer - Team member since 2011

    Coava is willing to offer a tug-of-war challenge to any climber wanting to train their grip strength. Her training tools include frisbees and various chew-toys. The training service is technically free, but she can be bribed with the appropriate dog treat. And as a client you will be expected to throw the frisbee or chew toy over... and over... and over.