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You can easily make the following changes to your FLEX membership by simply filling out the form below. 

  • Update contact information: Make sure we can contact you about any updates or billing issues.
  • Freeze membership: Vacationing in Hawaii? Freeze your membership for $10 month per member and it will be waiting for you upon your return. This way, you won't pay any startup fees when you return. One month minimum
  • Un-freeze membership: Back from the vacation? Your account will be billed a prorated amount of your membership dues so you can start today and climb until the next billing cycle. 
  • Cancel/terminate FLEX membership: We’ll be very sorry to see you go. But if you are retiring to Hawaii, don't tell us, we don't need to hear it. 
  • Other request - use additional comments below

IMPORTANT: All membership changes must be made by the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH. Any submissions sent on or after the 1st will be processed for the following month.