SCIL - /skil/  noun  1. the ability to do something well; expertise:

SCIL is a social climbing league for everyone! Groups of Source climbers can meet once every two weeks to climb together, have fun and earn points toward team rankings. SCIL scoring is based on a handicap system that allows climbers of all abilities and every discipline (bouldering, top-rope and lead) compete alongside each other.  

The season consists of three (3) "League sessions" in which your team can track your climbing for scoring and rankings. After 3 League sessions, the top ranked teams are pitted against each other in a winner-take-all one week Championship Session. The final winning team is written into Source history with a plate on the S.C.I.L Cup and celebrated at a final League Party!



Cost: $30 per team of Three (3)

Registration Deadline: 9/19

Important Dates:

  • Session 1: 9/19- 10/2
  • Session 2: 10/3 - 10/16
  • Session 3: 10/17 - 10/30
  • Championship Session: 11/3 - 11/8
  • League Party: 11/9


1.) Pick your team of three, one alternate and choose your team name.

2.) Identify each individual's current climbing level. This will determine each climber's handicap. 

3.) Register your team HERE or at the front desk.

(When registering, you will be asked what YDS and V-grade each climber typically sends within 3-4 attempts. We basically want to know what the hardest grade you regularly climb in a single session is.) 

4.) Check in as a Team one day each session to receive a scorecard. Record and score each individual's climbs. (Team uniforms not required, yet highly encouraged)

5) Track your team's rankings, and challenge each other to qualify for the Championship Session to earn your place in the Source history books as League Champions!