Welcome to the Source Climbing Team page for (nearly) endless relevant resources!

Our goal with this page is to allow for a singular site for all of your team needs. We are anticipating an excellent season of competitive climbing ahead of us with a larger coaching pool, focused training, optional team meetups outside of practice times, and more local competitions available than ever before. 

If it is your first time here:

Please send an email to
Titled "Climbing Team" with:

- Youth Climber's Name

- Parent contact info: Name, email (if different than one it is sent from),

and Phone # (only used if immediate contact is necessary)

[If you add 2 email addresses, both will receive all emails sent]

We want to make sure our emails reach you and not just your lovely, yet dusty, junk mail.

Competitions - boulder Season

  • 9/28 -  TBA :: Elevation Bouldering Gym (Eugene, OR) Registration:
  • 10/12 - TBA :: Multnomah Athletic Club (Portland, OR) Registration: 
  • 10/19 - TBA :: Bend Rock Gym West (Bend, OR) Registration: 
  • 10/26 - TBA :: Portland Rock Gym (Portland, OR) Registration: 
  • 11/2 - TBA :: Source Climbing Center (Your Home Gym!!) Registration: 
  • 11/9 - TBA :: Rogue Rock Gym (Medford, OR) Registration:

A facility release form is necessary for all competitions in differing facilities. Please make sure your participant has an up to date release form for the hosting facility. All can be found on each of the facilities' websites. (With the exception of Multnomah Athletic Club, which is found on USAC region page. [link to come])

USA Climbing

USAC Membership is required to compete in local and regional+ competitions.

Here are some important steps for team members competing in USAC sanctioned events.

Contact Information

While most of the coaches will have the answers you seek about Team details, you may direct all of your questions to Brigg throughout the upcoming season.


Climbing Center Phone: (360) 694-9096

Direct Contact: (Brigg Wolgamott's Cell #)

(360) 430-1760

[Privileges may be revoked for the last one if contacted between the hours of 3-4am] 

Frequently Asked Questions

- Are there new requirements for making a Regional event?

Answer: In 2018 USAC implemented a requirement of placing in the top 20, for climber's age group, during any local event to join the pre-existing requirement of participation in 2 local competitions during the season.

- Should I purchase an Introductory or Competitor membership for the season?

Answer: A Competitor membership is necessary for competing in any event above the local level. (Regional, Divisional,                   and National)

               If you are not planning on participating in competitions beyond the local events you need only purchase an                       Introductory membership.

(Introductory membership amount does not apply to Competitor membership if looking to upgrade after purchase.)