• top rope walls


    25 top rope anchors

    50+ routes on walls up to 36' tall.

    New Routes every week!  

    5 TRUBLUE Autobelays

    Grades: 5.3 - 5.12

    BETA: Learn the ropes with our CLIMB201 Class! Check out this video from CCTV

    IMPORTANT NOTES:  Youth 8 and under require direct adult supervision.

  • Lead CLIMBING Terrain


    2300 sq ft of lead climbing terrain

    Up to 50 degrees overhang

    16 lead anchors with 40+ lead routes. 

    Grade range: 5.7-5.13

    BETA: Plan ahead for your first visit, lead checks may not be possible during our peak hours (generally M-F, 5-8pm or Sat-Sun, 12-4pm). Learn to lead climb in the CLIMB301 class

    IMPORTANT NOTES: Climbers must be at least 12 years old to enter advanced lead area and at least 14 years old to lead climb/belay. Exceptions may be made for Source after-school programs and teams. 

  • Bouldering Area


    1,200 sq ft of bouldering

    60+ boulder problems

    Grades ranging from V0 to V10

    20+ new problems every other week!

    BETA: Do not boulder unless you know how to fall. Downclimb whenever possible. Do not boulder beyond 14 feet in height. Check out some video of our bouldering.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Climbers must be at least 12 years old to enter the advanced lead/bouldering area.

  • Kids MEzzanine


    Designed specifically for young climbers.  

    Top-out bouldering 8'-10' tall, with slide!

    20ft wall for top roping.  

    60ft of traversing, great warm up area for adults.

    BETA: Mezzanine may be reserved for birthday groups from 1pm to 3pm on both Saturdays and Sundays. Call ahead if you plan to visit at those times to see if the mezzanine is available.

    IMPORTANT NOTES: While on the mezzanine, climbers under 12 years of age must be supervised by a non-climbing individual at least 12 years or older at all times.

  • Fitness level


    500 sq ft of floor space for general fitness training

    WaterRower for cardio

    Treadwall for endurance and ARC training.

    medicine balls, kettle bells, and TRX training accessories available

    BETA: Watch this video on basic use of the new treadwall

    IMPORTANT NOTES: The new fitness area will be restricted to climbers 14 years and older, unless under direct supervision during Source youth programs.

  • Autobelay systems


    Climb any time - you don’t need a partner to climb. 

    Workout without worry- workout on your own schedule. No need to trade belays with a partner.

    Auto belays are great for kids. No need to endlessly belay. 

    BETA: Learn more with this climber orientation video from the TruBlue Autobelay manufacturer.


    All climbers must complete an "auto-belay orientation" with a Source Climbing Center staff member before using any auto-belay systems and must be wearing a Source Climbing Center belay card at all times when using an auto-belay system.

    Youth Under 12 must be under direct, one-on-one adult supervision when using auto-belay systems. 

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