• Climbing wall instructor certification

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    The Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) certification courses can benefit you, your facility, as well as, your instructors by preparing individuals with a breadth of knowledge.Topics covered include: ethics and legal considerations for a climbing wall instructor, industry standards, different teaching methods, and applications of climbing skills. 

    The Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Program is laid out by the Climbing Wall Association. The certification standards are intended to promote industry self-regulation and assist owner/operators of climbing facilities in the management and operation of those facilities by establishing consistent, observable, and minimum criteria for evaluating climbing wall instructors. CWA certification standards have been released after a public review process and pertain to technical skills and teaching of technical climbing skills only.

    This course is offered to the public occasionally throughout the year, and can be set up privately for groups of 4 or more. Call 360-694-9096 or email michael@sourceclimbing.com for pricing and registration.

  • WOMEN'S Clinic

    This clinic focuses on the natural strengths women have to maximize movement skills and climbing ability. Our experienced instructor Meghan Connolly creates a supportive environment that empowers women to climb with strategy, intent, and enjoyment. Participants will meet new climbing partners, and most of all, have fun!



    Climb with other women and enjoy a ladies night!

    Develop climbing technique in a supportive and empowering environment.

    Learn to climb with intent and power, trust your body, and reduce fear. 


    Duration: Quarterly, 3 classes over 3 weeks. 

    Days & Times: 3 consecutive Mondays, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

    Prerequisites: Must have a permanent belay card or have taken the Climb201 class. 

    Cost: $86 for members / $108 for non-members

    Rental gear is NOT included. 


    Get your climbing kicked into gear in preparation for the Senior Games in July, train for your next climbing trip, or simply find new motivation to get the most out of your visits to the Source. This is a one hour training session every other Tuesday where we explore specific exercises and techniques for better climbing. We will track your progress, provide training plans and develop strategy for doing your best at competitions. Your climbing fitness and skills will increase from these 3 month sessions, RESERVE ONLINE or call 360-694-9096 to make your reservation. - RETURNS SPRING 2020


    Days & Times: Every other Tuesday 7-8pm

    Duration: 6 sessions

    Cost: $86 members / $108 non-members

    Prerequisites: Ages 50 and older, ability to follow routes to the top of the wall.


    Learn to better read your routes, spot rests, and identify cruxes.

    Track your climbing through a 3 month period to see how you progress.

    Scheduled training to have you climbing at your best on the date of your competition.

    Learn new climbing movements, and excercises to help you increase overall strength and stamina.

    Find new partners - great way to connect with other climbers.