Summer camps

Summer Camps are offered from mid-June through mid-August. Participants are challenged on 36’ climbing walls and high ropes courses during this week long camp. Climbers develop better balance, focus, and coordination. We also practice teamwork and setting goals through action-based games and activities. Most of all, rock climbing is fun. We believe that the best climbers in the world are the ones having the most fun. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the best.

2018 Summer Camp Dates:

June 25 - June 29 (Ages 5-8)

July 9 - July 13 (Ages 7-12)

July 16 - July 20 (Ages 7-12)

July 23 - July 27 (Ages 5-8)

Aug 6 - Aug 10 (Ages 7-12)

Aug 13 - Aug 17 (Ages 7-12)


Days/Times: M-F 9am-12pm

Cost: $216 (20% off for current members)



Spring Break at the Source will keep your young climbers active, engaged and learning even when school is out! They will be practicing problem solving, setting goals and finding new strengths through a mix of activities and games. Don't miss this unique spring break experience !  


Ages: 7-12, No experience necessary.  

Days/Times: M-F 9am-12pm

Dates: Returning in 2019

Cost: $216 (20% off for current members)

Additional details

Cancellations: In the event of cancellation, we ask that you call the Source Climbing Center (360) 694-9096 no later than the Friday before the week of camp. The cancellation fee is 20% of full camp cost. Cancellations can not be made on or after the first day of camp. 

Rescheduling: There is no cost to reschedule with at least 2 weeks notice. There is a $10 rescheduling fee to reschedule with less than 2 weeks notice. “Notice” is determined by the date in which you select a new camp.

Under-enrollment: Camps with fewer than 4 participants are subject to cancellation 7 days prior to the start of the camp. Those enrolled will receive a full refund or choose to reschedule if possible.

Check-in: Climbers should arrive approximately 10 minutes before the start of each day and check in at the front desk. Children under 14 are not allowed to be dropped off unsupervised more than 10 minutes before scheduled camp sessions. 

Snacks: Each camp session will include at least one snack break time. We suggest sending appropriate snacks and/or drinks. We highly recommend fruit juices instead of soda. 

Clothing and Equipment: Harnesses and shoes are provided for all summer camp sessions. We recommend wearing something comfortable (avoid tight jeans) and suitable for wearing with a harness (shorts medium length or longer). We also recommend a small day pack for snacks, personal items and equipment.

Pick Up: Please arrange to pick up your climber on time after the end of each day; climbers enrolled in the summer camps are not supervised by our staff before, after or between their scheduled sessions. Please plan appropriately. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child, please give notice to the Source Climbing Center ahead of time.

Absences: In the event that your climber is unable to attend a scheduled session, we ask that you report his/her absence to the Source Climbing Center (360) 694-9096 no later than the start time for the session the day they are absent. There will be no credit or refund made for absences or sessions not attended.