Getting Started

We are open for youth to climb during all posted hours. To plan the best time for your visit, remember

the kids mezzanine may be reserved from 1-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays for birthday parties,

and Team practices run 4-6pm Monday through Friday. 


Youth under 18 can climb with a Day Pass for $14, or purchase a 10-Pass for $110.

Shoes and Harness rentals are available for $4 each.

Memberships are also available


Ages 4 to 6 years are a great time for parents to introduce their kids to indoor climbing. 

Our new Preschool Open Gym is the best way to introduce climbers 5 & under to the sport of climbing.

We do not recommend bringing children under 3 years of age into the facility outside of the Preschool Open Gym.

We also offer Classes and Summer camps for ages 6 years and older.


For the best experience, plan ahead for adequate supervision

Climbers under 12 are required to have 1 on 1, adult supervision when using the Autobelay systems. Climbers under 8 require direct supervision by an adult at all times. We recommend at least 2 adults with groups of 4 or more young climbers. 


EVERYONE entering the facility (including non-climbers, parents and spectators must check in and have a release on file.  

Please bring a photocopy of the adult’s government-issued photo ID for signature verification if the parent or guardian will not be present. 

*Please note: legal guardians must present proof of guardianship to sign a child’s waiver.


Plan for extra time to check-in on your first visit. First time visitors also take part in a New Climber Orientation.  

  • PreSchool

    Open Gym

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  • birthday


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  • Youth


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  • Summer


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Youth under 14

must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Drop-offs are permitted only for parties and supervised activities.

Youth under 12

are not allowed in the Lead and Bouldering areas on the main level. Exceptions may be made for Source after-school programs and camps.

Youth Under 12

must be under direct, one-on-one adult supervision when using auto-belay systems.

Children 8 and under

are restricted to mezzanine unless under direct, one-on-one adult supervision. “Direct” means either within arm’s length or on belay.

Children 2 and under

We do not recommend bringing children under 3 years of age into the facility.


Do not swing from or pull on the ropes.

Do not run on the stairs or roam the facility unsupervised.

Use “indoor voice” to allow belayers to hear their climbers.

Keep all food and drinks off main carpet in the mezzanine area and off carpet on main floor.

Do not walk or stand under other climbers.  

Youth should stand behind the designated line on mezzanine when not climbing on the wall.