Preschool open gym

A great time for parents to introduce your young climbers to the sport of rock climbing.

For an hour each Wednesday, we reserve the mezzanine for parents with climbers 2-4 years of age. Preschoolers can run on the padded floors, touch ropes and explore hold shapes on the wall. As they get more acquainted, they can even try climbing on 8-10' bouldering walls and dare the spiral slide! All with Mom or Dad there to encourage them on. 


Days & Times: Wednesdays 10-11am

Cost: $9 per participant

Prerequisites:  Recommended for ages 2 to 4 years, no prior experience necessary

Supervision: All participants must have a designated adult, only two participants per supervising adult


Savings - program fee is $3 less than the cost of a day pass

Kid friendly -  During slow morning hours, mezzanine reserved for parents with their young climbers.

Be active with your kids - for climbing parents, this is an excellent way to share your passion for climbing.

**SPACE IS LIMTED to 12 participants**


CLIMBING is dangerous

Climbing is so natural and intuitive for kids that parents are excited to introduce their children to the sport at younger and younger ages. Rock climbing toddlers have even been seen on the Ellen Show. Although indoor rock climbing provides engineered walls, padded floors, and other considerations; climbing remains dangerous for participants of every age. The risks cannot be entirely eliminated from the sport.    

To make sure you are informed of the risks before participating in this program, read and sign a release for both you and your child.