2019 / 2020 YOUTH CLASSES


Cost: $52 Members, $65 Non-Members

Duration: 4 sessions, 1-hour each session

Included: Shoe and Harness Rentals



For more details - Download our 2019/2020 Program calendar

  • LEVEL I  

    (Ages 6-8)

    Climbers develop strength and body awareness, learn equipment checks and smart practices for indoor climbing. 
    • Cost: $52 Members, $65 Non-Members
    • Ratio: 4 students – 1 coach
    • Ages: 5-8  
    • Duration: 4 sessions, 1-hour each session
  • Level II 

    (ages 9-12)

    Climbers learn the skills to belay others, climb with balanced and more efficient techniques, and of course, have fun!

    • Cost: $52 Members, $65 Non-Members  
    • Ratio: 4 students – 1 coach  
    • Ages: 9-12  
    • Duration: 4 sessions, 1-hour each session


  • Level III

    (ages 12+)

    Climbers learn more about climbing as a sport, practice intermediate to advanced techniques, and train for improved fitness! 
    • Cost: $52 Members, $65 Non-Members
    • Ratio: 8 students – 1 coach
    • Ages: 12+
    • Duration: 4 sessions, 1.5 hours each session
    • Prerequisite: Climbers must complete a Climb201 class or have a current blue Top Rope card before the first day of class.



Is equipment included? 

Yes, Harness and Shoe rentals are provided during class sessions.

Are "make-up sessions" available? 

Sorry, there are no credits, refunds or make-up sessions available in case of any sessions not attended.

Can we pay ahead to save space in future classes? 

Once enrolled in your first class, you can then register up to 6 weeks in advance at our front desk to secure your place in the next class series. However, registration is open online to all climbers up to 4 weeks in advance. Make sure to register for that next class series BEFORE the start of your first class session, or the space is not guaranteed. 

Will each class be the same / cover the same topics?

Many exercises will be repeated with each class to develop strong fundamentals; however, each class also offers instruction on a new topic or theme. The remaining climbing time is then focused on the individual climber's goals to challenge each participant at an appropriate pace.

Can climbers advance to next class level based on their ability before they reach age requirements?

Climbers must be the prerequisite age by the first class session regardless of climbing ability. Our class levels are based on belay expectations rather than climbing ability. Climbers 9-11 will learn and participate in belaying other climbers on the wall using a Petzl GriGri. Climbers 12 and older will participate in belaying other climbers with a plate or tube style belay device.

Additional Details...

Drop Off/ Pick Up: Climbers may arrive approximately 5 minutes before the start of each day. Please arrange to pick up your climber on time after the end of each day. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child, please notify the SourceClimbingCenter ahead of time.

Supervision: Climbers registered in classes are not supervised by our staff before or after their scheduled session. All youth under 14 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 outside of class session time.

Illness: Indoor climbing involves repeated contact with shared hand holds. For the protection of all climbers, a sick child with a sore throat, consistent cough, earache, vomiting, or fever of 100 or higher within the past 24 hours should not attend. If a child displays any of these symptoms or becomes ill while climbing, symptoms are noted, but not treated, and parents are notified to pick up the child.

Absences: In the event that your climber is unable to attend a scheduled session due to sickness or scheduling conflict, we ask that you report his/her absence to the SourceClimbingCenter (360) 694-9096 no later than the start time for the session the day they are absent. There will be no credit or refund made for absences nor any prorated fees for sessions not attended.


Youth classes end in June, but that does not mean you need to stop climbing!  

Here are three great options to stay active and climb strong all summer!

Purchase 3 Month Summer Pass

(available online June 1st-July 31st)

Enroll Online in a SUMMER CAMP

Purchase Summer Climbing Package

Includes 3 month membership with rentals, Summer Camp and Belay class for a parent

(available for purchase at front desk or by calling 360-694-9096)